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Ideaworks Captures District American Advertising Award

Ideaworks Marketing recently captured a District Two, American Advertising Award (ADDY) in the Industry Self-Promotion category for its 2014 Annual Calendar.blogpost_addy

The calendar showcases an engaging combination of practical information and creative infographics to bring each month to life. In addition, a special augmented reality feature was employed which enabled calendar recipients to connect to a specially created holiday video produced exclusively by the Ideaworks team.

District Two covers the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania as well as the District of Columbia. This year, over 500 entries were submitted to the District Two competition by 157 companies who qualified by winning local ADDY Award competitions.

According to Cynthia Park, Governor of the American Advertising Federation’s District Two, “Winning at the District Two level is another testament to the prestige of the competition. The District Two competition is one of the toughest regions in the country in which to compete.”

Commenting on the recognition, Donna Hansbury, President of Ideaworks said, “Our entire team is very proud of this award. It is particularly gratifying to be recognized at such a high level in the industry, and for work that demonstrates our agency’s passion for powerful ideas.”  

Ideaworks Enters Partnership with Mobile Food Association

Plymouth, PA – Ideaworks Food Marketing and the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (PMFA) recently finalized a partnership agreement whereby Ideaworks will be recognized as the official marketing agency of the association.


Ideaworks will work with PMFA leadership to enhance the association’s overall brand while also strengthening its membership services and resources.  Specifically, the agency will focus on four primary areas including refreshing and standardizing the association’s brand identity; redesigning and redeploying the association’s Website to better meet the needs of the organization’s primary target audiences; developing a marketing plan addressing the current and future needs of the association; and creating a number of fund-raising ventures for the association to use to support ongoing PMFA initiatives.


Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Gerson, Founder of the PMFA stated, “We are extremely excited about working with Ideaworks on building our association.  Our entire board and membership are very passionate about the association, and we are fortunate to have an agency like Ideaworks help us not only reach our current goals but also help us grow in the future.”


“This is really one of those win-win partnerships for sure,” said Peter Steve, Managing Partner of Ideaworks Food Marketing.  He added, “The PMFA consists of hard-working entrepreneurs who are looking to take mobile dining to a new level of quality and understanding in the marketplace.  They absolutely have the drive to make the association a huge success, we’ll simply be providing the expertise to help them create an organizational foundation on which to build.”


The mission of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association (PMFA) is to provide a strong voice and shared resources to support Philadelphia’s many food truck and food cart operators, while eliminating unnecessary barriers to entry and operations.  The association works to create a more conducive atmosphere for the growth of the mobile food service sector by promoting progressive changes in legislation, vending locations, licensing and zoning, as well as improving access to sustainable and communal sourcing.  PMFA is also committed to developing alternative eating spaces throughout Philadelphia on underutilized private and public spaces in an effort to beautify the city while also providing increased food choices to the public.


Then & Now: Creative Director – Carrie Creegan

Following is a fun, snapshot look at our talented Creative Director, Carrie Creegan.  Enjoy!

Favorite Dish When I Was 6:
Pancakes…. I could eat like 8-10 pancakes in one sitting.

Favorite Dish Now:
How can I possibly name one? Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Glaze would be one of my favorites. Honestly I love tuna, spicy tuna rolls, grilled steaks and even tuna salad.

Favorite Beverage When I Was 10:
Definitely milk, I drank milk at every meal and even with snacks…which sometimes was chocolate milk.

Favorite Beverage Now:
Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic? I love a glass of wine with dinner. But throughout the day I drink mostly water.

Favorite Restaurant When I Was In College:
BJ’s Steakhouse!  They served the best spinach dip with garlic bread. It was called Bongo Bongo Dip.

Favorite Restaurant Now:
Martin’s in Hazelton, PA

Favorite Musical Artist/Genre When I Was 13:
No Doubt,  Blackstreet, Jock Jams, La Bouche, Oasis…. I was all over the place, mostly listening to the Top 40 played on the radio and recording them on my cassette player, which consisted of hanging out with my boom box with my finger on the record button.

Favorite Musical Artist/Genre Now:
Country – George Strait, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood

My Dream Vacation When I Was 12:
I don’t recall having a dream vacation other then wanting to go on our yearly family vacation to Westmoreland State Park VA, where we rented cabins and all my cousins and aunts and uncles would vacation the same week. We’d water ski, fish, search the beach for sharks teeth.

My Dream Vacation Now:
Traveling Europe, The Mediterranean, Hawaii, The Caribbean, you name it I dream of seeing it.

What I Wanted To Be Growing Up:
I had no clue… My mom was a teacher and my dad is an architect, so I knew I didn’t want to be either of those, because obviously I thought it was cooler to do my own thing and not follow in their footsteps. I thought I’d have my own unique path…. But little did I know the creativity that ran through my veins would prevail!

What I’d Be If I Weren’t A Creative Director:
An architect, interior designer or a teacher… Who’d a thought!


Agency President Speaks To Econ Class

Donna Hansbury, President of Ideaworks Food Marketing, recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Senior Economics Class of Dallas High School (Dallas, PA) at our company’s headquarters.  Following a brief tour of the Agency, Ms. Hansbury spent her time with the class addressing the various aspects of running a business in today’s challenging economic climate.  From the hiring of talent to setting project pricing to maintaining a positive cash flow, Ms. Hansbury gave the students a first hand look into “the world of business.”